SILCA Chain Waxing System Kit

SILCA Chain Waxing System Kit

Introducing the SILCA Chain Waxing System Kit that turns your bike maintenance routine into a sleek, smooth operation. It's the ultimate waxing love story for drivetrains. This includes everything you need to get the system up and running.

Kit Includes:
Wax Pot Heater - the Chain Waxing System

The heart of the operation, this pot is the Tony Stark of your bike workshop. With a 600ml wax capacity, it's ready to turn your chain into a velvety masterpiece. The temperature range from 75-125ºC ensures that your waxing experience is not too hot, not too cold, but just right. It's basically the Goldilocks of wax pots.
Where do you put your dripping chain? Well this built in drip stand is the VIP lounge where your chain can chill after a hot wax session, dripping back to the pot and not on your kitchen floor. Sitting high above on all the other chains that haven't experienced Silca's luxury treatment.

Chain Stripper

Completely strip and prep your chain for wax in 10 minutes. Submerge the chain or even just drip it on the chain, rinse, and apply super secret. Take all the work and harsh chemicals out of chain waxing!

Super Secret Wax

The wax itself is a game-changer – saving you up to 8w and coming in a 500g pouch that's basically the Batman utility belt of wax. It extends the life of your chain. Clean to the touch on the chain, this treatment is like the James Bond of waxing secrets. No PFAS chemicals, just a smooth ride for up to 25,000 km, your chain will be thanking you with each pedal stroke.

Stripchip Tabs

Forget the harsh cleaners and degreasers – SILCA StripChip squares are the superheroes of clean waxing. Drop one into your hot wax, let the magic happen for 10 minutes, hang to dry and voilà! You've got a chain that's cleaner than a whistle. The oleogelation wax formula turns the factory grease into a wax-like substance, all without any drop in performance. Create a waxed chain masterpiece in just 10-15 minutes. Note: a used chain still needs prior cleaning to remove accumulated road grime and grit.