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About La Bicicletta

La Bicicletta's place in the Canadian cycling world and beyond, dates back to the early 80’s when Guiseppi Cramerotti moved from Italy to Canada and opened the first store in Vancouver. After selling the Vancouver location, he moved La Bicicletta to Bloor West Village in Toronto. It is here that Henry Erlichman appeared on the scene. At the time it was difficult to find road bikes in Toronto and so Henry an avid cyclist, spent his free moments at La Bicicletta. When Guiseppi indicated he was interested in selling the Toronto store, Henry jumped at the opportunity. That was over twenty years ago! In 2001 the store relocated to a spacious spot on Castlefield Avenue in Fairbank Village, where it has flourished ever since.


La bicicletta - Past present 


The Italian influence remains strong and is supported by lines such as Basso, Pinarello, Bianchi, Colnago, DeRosa and Willier. Erlichmans’ thrill of sourcing out the newest and best in cycling has ensured that the shop is well stocked with the best of bikes, cycling gear and accessories. Over the years La Bicicletta has become known as the mecca for road bikes in Toronto. La Bicicletta also boasts an Assos of Switzerland Pro Shop. The La Bicicletta Track team is quickly expanding and as such one can find a large selection of track bikes along with everything needed to get started on the track and to stay on track. All things fine and exciting related to cycling, eventually find a home at La Bicicletta.

It is no wonder that all the staff at La Bicicletta share an enthusiasm for the sport of cycling and everything that goes with it. With our collective years of experience, we are here to support our customers both in-store and on-line. We never want anyone to walk in the store and feel intimidated. Whether new to the sport or experienced cyclists, we are here to listen to customers needs and to assist accordingly. As well as helping customers choose the most appropriate bike, gear and accessories, we provide a full range of services, ranging from bike fitting and bike maintenance. In short, we are here to look after our customers.

We also try to engage the community by offering workshops and hosting a variety of lively events. We offer opportunities for group rides, with our club rides in warm weather and our rides on Zwift in the cooler weather. We sponsor youth teams as well as several charity rides and events. We love what we do here at La Bicicletta and are here to share our experience and joy of cycling with you.