Giro d'Italia 2018

You may have noticed that we have changed our colors... during the Giro d'Italia our website will be in the maglia rosa. La Bicicletta celebrates the first Grand Tour of the 2018 season, the 101st edition of the Giro d'Italia. From the start in Jerusalem, Israel on May 4 until the finish line in Rome, Italy on May 27 we will watch this exciting 21 stage, 3562km race develop. We hope you will too.

Follow the race and the interesting competitions within the race. The different colored jerseys (maglia) show the current leaders of the competitions. These may change a number of times during the event.

PINK maglia ROSA; overall race leader

BLUE maglia AZZURO: mountains leader

WHITE maglia BLANCO: young rider leader

PURPLE maglia CICLAMINA: points leader

AMORE INFINIT01  #giro101

Enjoy. The La Bicicletta Team


Pirelli, known worldwide for its high-performance motorsport tires, now has a range of three road cycling tires under the same P Zero brand Pirelli uses in motorsport.  P Zero Velo for road racing, P Zero Velo TT for time trials and the P Zero Velo 4S as a four season all-around tire.  Shop Pirelli now

Donnys' Pick of the week May 24-31

Having an extra set of eyes with you is always a good thing while out on your ride. The benefit of having a record of unforeseen events whether good of bad is comforting.

Simply, the Cycliq Fly 12 is an HD, 6 axis stabilized camera with audio and a 600 lumen light!

Way more features than I'd like write about. Double mount options, around the bar or camera mount. Don't go out without one! And there's also a rear model too, Fly 6!

Muc-Off 3 Step System: Clean-Protect-Lube

The Muc-Off 3 Step System has a full line-up of clean-protect-lube bicycle products to keep your ride in perfect condition, all the time!  Shop Muc-Off now

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