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Silca T-Ratchet + Ti Torque Kit G2 version

Silca T-Ratchet + Ti Torque Kit G2 version

The world's smallest and lightest portable multi-tool with live 2-8Nm torque measurement.  72 Tooth micro ratchet and Swiss S2 Tool Steel bits for ultimate precision in the workshop and at the roadside.

Make adjustments to fasteners on precision components without risk of damage.

New with the G2 version; This is the same great tool, but with a minor adjustment to the Ti Torque tube/barrel. The end of the barrel has been widened to accommodate larger numbers. This modification allows for greater visualization of the three separate Nm scales.

Roughly 70%* of damage to high-end carbon components like seat posts, handlebars and stems happens when making adjustments without using torque measurement.  Silca T-Ratchet + Ti-Torque solve these problems by delivering a highly ergonomic tool with a torque measuring extender that provides real-time feedback as you are tightening the fastener. The Ti-Torque beam has three separate scales on it, 2-6Nm, 3-5Nm and 4-8Nm, which to allow you to easily see when you’ve reached your desired torque setting. The T-Ratchet uses interchangeable magnetic components to convert from screwdriver to ratchet, to ratcheting T-Handle in seconds, which gives the user the ability to have several tools at once in an extremely small package.

*Ti-Torque beam with three separate scales for measuring a range of 2-8Nm
*Precision ratchet with convertible magnetic extension
*Steel bit extender
*S2 steel Hex bits: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
*S2 steel Torx® bits: T10, T20, T25
*S2 steel 2mm Phillips head bit
*Duck waxed canvas carrying case measuring 120mm x 70mm x 30mm 
*Kit weight: 220 grams

*Based on 12 year data set from one of the largest manufacturers of carbon bar/stem/seatposts.