...short shipping delays may occur due to high volume - FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $150 -

...short shipping delays may occur due to high volume - FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $150 -



Chapter2 KAHA frameset

Color: Grey/Blue (Kapua)
Grey/Blue (Kapua)
Glossy/Black (Tuauriuri)
Size: XS

The KAHA features fully integrated cabling via the MANA-GRVL Handlebar, Internal downtube storage compartment, as well as a race-ready and well-balanced performance geometry.
The design brief for the KAHA was relatively simple, scratched onto the back of an envelope was the words “Controlled Speed”.

However, the journey to arrive at the perfect solution was anything but simple. We don’t want to skimp on practical details like storage, pannier/ fender racks, or the ability to fit TT-Clip bars. Iteration after iteration, review after review, every little detail and decision was scrutinized to the nth degree.

Needless to say, all that effort was worth it, as the final deliverable achieves all the performance metrics we had envisioned for a High-Performance Gravel Racer.


Performance gravel racing frame | fully integrated cabling | up to 47mm tire clearance

Performance Geometry: Improved Agility at Speed

Integrated MANA-GRVL: Improved Aerodynamics and Clean Aesthetics

MANA-GRVL (Clip-on): Ability to use Clip-on Bars

50mm Front & 47mm Rear Tire Clearance: Increased Tire Options

Integrated Storage: Hidden Storage for CO2 Cartridges/Tubes etc

Ample Mounting Points: Flexible Hydration, Luggage & Rack Options

T47 BB: Noise-free and Easy to Service

Frameset Only: Bespoke & Personal

Special order only: Contact us to custom build your Chapter2 KAHA. Email hello@labicicletta.com