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Campagnolo Scudetto Sign

Campagnolo Scudetto Sign

The Campagnolo scudetto/shield is perhaps the most iconic and loved logo in the company’s over 80 year history and the vintage Campagnolo Scudetto Sign is a fantastic way to display your love of cycling in addition to the Campagnolo brand.

Campagnolo’s long and prestigious history is one that evokes emotion amongst cyclists not only for the fine products past and present that bear its name but also for the ideal that it represents. The concept of authentic cycling culture, by cyclists for cyclists, born in the epicenter of competitive cycling ...is all embodied by the Campagnolo brand and symbolized by its famous logos. There are many ways of showing one’s appreciation of this ideal and the Campagnolo Scudetto Sign does just that.

The elegant metal signage has been carefully molded into a beautiful 3D design with the same attention to detail that goes into all Campagnolo products. Display the Campagnolo Scudetto with pride and show just how deep your love for the beautiful sport of cycling. 

Size approximately: 31cm wide x 40cm high