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ASSOS TRAIL Winter Socks

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ASSOS TRAIL Winter Socks

Durable, insulating socks with a 24cm cuff height to ensure your feet and lower legs remain warm, shielded and dry in the toughest winter all-road and trail-riding conditions.
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Picking up where the abrasion-resistant all-road ASSOS TRAIL Socks left off, the winter edition features added coverage and a thicker makeup to strike back when the going gets ultra tough. It starts with the taller 24cm cuffs, which are made using a special wool blend. Think lower-leg warmer here, as the boosted coverage lends itself to added insulation and protection from the elements.

All-road testing led to shieldKnit, a durable yarn blend constructed with abrasion-resistant polymer PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) fibers, which is placed on the heel and toe sections. Absent of exposed seams, the TRAIL Winter Socks’ construction provides a seamless wrap on the foot for ultimate friction-free comfort. Height: 24cm/ 10in

Color: blackSeries
Sizes: O,I,II
Size Guide:
0= Euro 35-38 | USA-CDN 4-6
I= Euro 39-42 | USA-CDN 6.5-9
II= Euro 43-46 | USA-CDN 9.5-12