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ASSOS Gravel Gear Collection

 ASSOS Gravel Gear Collection

The new ASSOS MILLE GTC Gravel Gear Collection introduces a gravel equipment system engineered for fast, remote rides beyond the tarmac.
Explore the routes less travelled.

The solution for shorter adventure rides or extended multiday escapes; providing protection, expanded storage capacity and shock-absorbing comfort. #equipmentnotclothing #sufferincomfort

ASSOS MILLE GTC Kiespanzer Bib Shorts C2: gravel tuned insert, engineered comfort, extra storage
ASSOS MILLE GTC ZEPPELIN Cargo Shorts C2: pair with ASSOS TRAIL Liner Shorts or TRAIL Liner Bib Shorts
ASSOS TRAIL Liner Shorts
ASSOS TRAIL Liner Bib Shorts
ASSOS MILLE GTC Jersey C2: schwarzwaldGreen and torpedoGrey
ASSOS TRAIL Socks: protection from road debris
ASSOS TRAIL Socks EVO: protection from road debris
ASSOS TRAIL Winter Socks: extra warmth when required
ASSOS GT Socks C2: jersey matching schwarzwaldGreen and torpedoGrey
...and don't forget protection for hands, arms and knees: ASSOS TRAIL FF Gloves, ASSOS TRAIL Arm Protectors, ASSOS TRAIL Knee Protectors.