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ASSOS TRAIL Knee Protectors

Size: 0

ASSOS TRAIL Knee Protectors

Shield your knees from all-road/trailside abrasion with lightweight sleeve protection. #equipmentnotclothing

Sharing the look of ASSOS knee warmers, the ASSOS Knee Protectors are superlight sleeves made of a very tough textile for protection against abrasion. They’re the perfect option for riders who don’t want the bulk of pads, yet welcome next-to-skin coverage on the trail.

Constructed with ASSOS proprietary dyneRope, a densely woven armor-like textile acclaimed for its exceptional durability, the Knee Protectors keep your vulnerable knees shielded from errant tree limbs, shrubbery and other all-road/trail hazards. The rear panel is constructed with PushPull, which is a soft flexible material that adds UPF50+ protection for those long, sunny days on the all-roads/trails.

Sizes: 0, I, II
Color: blackSeries
Size Guide:
0= XS-S
I= M-L

dyneRope: A high-density woven textile with ripstop weave. Fifteen times stronger than steel, this fiber is blended with a black polyethylene and is strategically placed to protect exposed areas from abrasion.
Type.429 Titanio: A lightweight, durable UPF50+ S7 charmeuse Lycra textile.
Composition: 64%PA 26%EA 10%PE