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ASSOS Trail FF Gloves

Size: M

ASSOS Trail FF Gloves

Durable full-finger gloves with articulated comfort for the requirements of gravel/off-road routes.

Full-finger protection and fatigue-battling comfort result from countless hours testing new materials and patterns. This provided the research information where hot spots tend to develop and how your hands actually favor certain positions more than others, helping tune the gloves’ panels. The gloves are cut and shaped to form a curved 3D structure, replicating the intricate anatomical structure of the human hand as it grips the handlebars. The result? Targeted support and protection where needed. #sufferincomfort #equipmentnotclothing

A durable 3D Mesh is used on the palm, and then covered with light, perforated padding at the top and outer section, plus the thumb, where your hands tend to “weight” the bar. The fingertips have also been wrapped in a tough double layer, with silicone treatment on the first two fingers for brake lever control. The flexible cuff molds to your wrist, providing a near-custom fit without any irritation.

Sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL,XLG