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WERA TORX XL HF 9 piece Set

WERA TORX XL HF 9 piece Set

WERA Tools high quality L-key set for TORX® screws, extra-long length arm. Partially with HF ballpoint: the ball-end on the long arm allows for reliable working even in difficult installation situations. L-keys with color thermoplastic sleeve easy-to-grip circular material. The sleeve ensures that work is comfortable and easy on the fingers even at low temperatures. WERA quick Tool Finder color coding according to size. BlackLaser surface treatment provides outstanding surface protection against corrosion and a long service life. The tools are quickly to hand thanks to the laser-engraved and thereby wear-resistant size markings on the L-keys.

Provided with a holder/clip enabling secure organized storage of the L-keys as well as simple removal. 9 piece TORX key set plus holder.

• L-keys for TORX® screws
• Holding function for TORX® screws
• WERA easy tool finder: color coding by size
• BlackLaser finish for high corrosion protection and long service life
• Wear-resistant clip material for enhanced durability