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TACX Neo 2T Smart

TACX Neo 2T Smart

The TACX NEO 2T Smart Trainer pushes the boundaries of smart trainers. TACX NEO 2T offers real ride replication features, connectivity to third party sources, the highest max power on the market and flexibility for storage. 

Feel the outdoors inside! TACX NEO 2T offers real ride feel that can simulate cobblestones, gravel and descents. Sending vibrations and sways, you can experience the "real ride feels" in virtual world rides with TACX Films, Zwift and other third party training applications. Just like being on the open road.

UPHILL and DOWNHILL: Realistic climbing replicated up to 25% and downhill to -5%. When tackling a climb, the downhill is always a reward. The TACX NEO 2T Smart can recognize when you are going down a descent in a virtual world and will engage the freewheel spin until the bottom of the hill is reached. 

POWER TO SPARE: The most powerful smart trainer on the market. With a max resistance power of 2200 watts and less than +-1% variance in accuracy, the TACX NEO 2T can handle your most brutal of workouts, while being very quiet.

With TACX NEO 2T you can train anywhere, it works plugged or unplugged to a power outlet. Unplugged it is able to function because it is a direct drive trainer. TACX NEO 2T only needs to be plugged in for creating real ride effects when you are riding in virtual ride worlds. The TACX NEO 2T Smart can fold up, making it easier for at home storage when not in use, great if you have a smaller living space and easier for traveling.

TACX Smart trainers use Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ FE-C communication protocols to connect and create control for third party software. All of your speed, cadence and power data from your workout on a Tacx Smart trainer is transmitted/received instantly for accurate ride replication. 

*direct drive trainer with a powerful electro-magnetic motor placed directly adjacent to the cassette, eliminating additional gearing
*Even quieter than the Neo 2 Smart: redesign of internal components reduces noise to a minimum
*Measures speed, left/right power and cadence
*Pedal stroke analysis via the software of your choice
*Improved internal electronics
*no calibration required/automatic
*Foldable and compact frame design
*unit can be used plugged or unplugged to a power outlet
*Bluetooth and ANT+ FE-C communication protocols. LED connection type indicator lights
*Maximum resistance 2200 Watts
*Realistic climbing up to 25% and downhill to -5%
*Simulates real road patterns such as; cobblestones, unpaved roads and wood plank bridges
*provided with Shimano/SRAM compatible freehub body (Except SRAM XD and XDR). Campagnolo, SRAM XD and XDR bodies sold separately (890732)
*Directly compatible with all rear axles, except 135x12 and 135x10 (adapter needed)
*Front-wheel support included
*cassette not included