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SportsBalm Recovery Series

Versions: Muscle Repair Lotion 01

SportsBalm Recovery Series

The color code for this series is GREEN. 
The Recovery GREEN Series products are available in these versions: Muscle Repair Lotion 01, Cooling SOS Gel 02, Heating SOS Gel 03

The Sportsbalm Green Recovery Series supports quick recovery after exercise. The products care for tired and sensitive muscles and are suitable for use in all weather conditions.
Waste: The intensive pumping of the muscles tapers off after exercise causing waste to no longer be disposed of properly. Especially if they have experienced heavy exertion, a build-up of waste products will quickly develop in the muscles. Extreme exertion can also cause tears and knots in the muscles: all things that inhibit muscle recovery.
Targeted treatment: Strained and sensitive muscles receive targeted treatment with the Sportsbalm Green Series products. Blood circulation is promoted, and Green Series products help with stiff and aching muscles, tendons and joints.
For every problem area: Each product in the Green Series has its own unique combination of active ingredients. This allows all problem areas to be effectively treated.

Muscle Repair Lotion 01
Helps with recovery of sensitive muscles and nourishes the skin
Sportsbalm Muscle Repair Lotion supports the recovery of damaged muscle tissue after heavy exercise. The lotion penetrates deep into the problem areas and gets the circulation going again, allowing the muscles to more quickly revert to their original capacity. Moisturising and non-greasy, Muscle Repair lotion with aloe vera also stimulates and nourishes the skin.
Why Muscle Repair Lotion?
Soothes and relaxes stiff and knotted muscles
Cares for sensitive and heavily strained muscles
Good for circulation
Keeps the blood vessels supple and elastic
Strengthens vascular walls
Cares for the skin
Not greasy

Cooling SOS Gel 02
Helps restore, relax and invigorate
Cooling SOS Gel is an intensive cooling and soothing massage gel. The gel promotes blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. Cooling SOS Gel is ideal for targeted treatment of tired legs and feet.
Why Cooling SOS gel?
Extremely cooling
For tired, heavy legs and feet
Beneficial effect on circulation
Helps with recovery after sports injury
Muscles and tendons
Skin nourishing, non-greasy gel

Heating SOS Gel 03
Warms and restores stiff and severely strained muscles and tendons
Heating SOS gel is a long-lasting intensive warming balm, especially for heavily strained muscles and tendons. The balm relaxes the muscles and tendons and has a beneficial effect on circulation. Heating SOS gel can be applied to specific problem areas.
Why Heating SOS gel?
Strong, long-lasting warming of problem areas
Ideal for problem areas with poor circulation, such as lower back, shoulders and neck
Promotes circulation
Helps with recovery after sports injury
Skin nourishing, non-greasy gel