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Skratch Labs Sport Recovery Drink Mix

Flavours: Chocolate

Skratch Labs Sport Recovery Drink Mix

Sport Recovery Drink Mix is a new and improved version of the original Endurance Recovery Drink Mix. Skratch improved the recipe by adding a probiotic to help with absorption of protein as well as lactase which helps anyone who has issues with milk products or lactose. It was created for people who need to refuel with a great tasting recovery drink free of excess ingredients. Next to a freshly cooked meal, this is the best way we know how to nurture yourself after the toughest workouts.

Size: 600g 12-serving resealable bag (12 fl oz/350ml) per serving)
Flavors: Chocolate, Coffee*, Horchata**

*Coffee: contains 45 mg of caffeine per 50g (12 fl oz prepared) serving - about half of what a typical 8 fl oz cup of coffee contains.
**Horchata: This tastes creamy, sweet with a lightly spiced flavor blend of rice flour, vanilla and cinnamon.

Sport Recovery Mix is a high calorie food that you can drink. It's designed to be a very convenient way for you to consume an optimal ratio of carbohydrate and protein (4:1), along with fat and salt to refuel and rehydrate you immediately after your longest and hardest workouts when you don't have access to a freshly prepared meal from scratch. It takes away your hunger and gets the recovery process going when you need it the most.

Skratch Sport Recovery Mix is intended for use immediately after exercise, especially when that bout of exercise leaves you feeling hungry, when you don't have a meal made from scratch readily available, and when you want to fast track the recovery process. Because our Sport Recovery Mix is a whole food product made with only real natural ingredients, you can also use it when your metabolism is on the fast track and you're so hungry that you're being a menace to yourself and others.

non-GMO + gluten free + vegetarian + kosher + delicious