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Silca Nastro Fiore Bar Tape

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Silca Nastro Fiore Bar Tape

NASTRO FIORE is a 2.5mm thick tape that provides cushioning and comfort equivalent to 3.2mm tapes of existing technologies. FIORE has a moderate texture, high tackiness, and printed silicone graphics which adds comfort and grip in both wet and dusty conditions.

NASTRO FIORE is for the detail oriented cyclist looking for additional comfort without the additional bulk commonly associated with thick bar tapes. Fiore also adds an effective brake/shift lever area butterfly wrap for perfect bar taping every time.

SILCA Nastro Fiore tape has a softer, more comfortable feel, higher wet and dry grip, better vibration isolation and 3-5x the durability of existing tape materials. Since the actual wrap of the tape can be as important as the tape itself, SILCA also developed a full adhesive backed ‘butterfly’ to better cover the back of the lever clamp area without adding bulk, a high grip finishing tape and expanding aluminum/composite end plugs to ensure every detail is perfect.

*Ultra Performance 2.5mm thick Tri-Laminate design delivers equivalent cushioning to 3.2mm tapes
*Debossed FIORE pattern for improved grip and cushioning
*Aluminum expanding bar-end plug
*PU finishing tape
*Butterfly shaped brake clamp cover