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SIDI #03 Caliper Buckle

Colour: black/red

SIDI #03 Caliper Buckle

Replacement SIDI Caliper Buckle for SIDI cycling shoes that have this type of closure system. ...it's very nice that can you still fix your favorite cycling shoes after having them for many years! 

If you have older (pre-2010) SIDI shoes and you need to replace the SIDI caliper buckle, its possible that you're going to also need the new narrower version Caliper Buckle Straps to match up with the new replacement SIDI Caliper Buckles. 

Note: SIDI only makes the replacement parts in the new narrower version for both items, so depending on the production date of the shoes and which part you need, you may need both elements to effect your repair.

Sold as a set of two.

Color options: black/red, black/grey, white/white