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Rapha Classic Flyweight Bib Shorts

Size: S
Colour: Black
The Flyweight Bib Shorts are designed for riding in hot and humid conditions. The shorts are made of an extremely lightweight, soft four-way stretch fabric - the lightest we’ve used in our bib shorts - that has been treated with coldblack® which reduces the build-up of heat. The upper section has a breathable and lightweight construction, with a thin mesh that stretches to fit over your shoulders. The chamois pad is the same perforated one used in the Pro Team Lightweight Bib Shorts. Featuring coloured uppers to pair with the Flyweight Jerseys, allowing you to look - and stay - cool as you take flight in the heat. The bibs are available in two lengths, regular and short, with a difference between leg lengths of approximately 1 inch. The short option is for shorter riders or those who prefer a higher hem on the thigh.

Short, lightweight dot gripper to ensure perfect fit and placement while cycling

Extremely lightweight and breathable fabric for performance in hot and humid conditions

Contrast, lightweight mesh upper straps for comfort and added breathability

Perforated chamois as used in Rapha's Pro Team bib shorts to aid drying and temperature control

Constructed from a lightweight performance fabric
Lightweight mesh straps
Multiple panel construction for optimum fit
Bonded seams for comfort