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Pirelli Cinturato

Size: 700x26c
Colour: Black

Pirelli Cinturato

The Pirelli Cinturato is a tubeless ready clincher go-to tire option for use over rough or unsealed roads. Featuring Armour Tech™ construction with a high density nylon layer to protect against punctures, this is a very durable, robust tire you can rely on kilometer after kilometer. The SmartNET™ Silica rubber compound helps keep you riding with control even in treacherous road conditions. 

Designed to be used tubeless or with inner tubes, the Pirelli Cinturato tire will be available in four widths; 26mm, 28mm, 32mm and 35mm with the respective weights being 290g, 320g, 350g and 380g.

Pirelli break the recommended usages down into three main areas:
1. road racing/training in adverse or difficult road conditions
2. fast commuting on roads/paths
3. light gravel/adventure riding
…essentially an all-season road tire with extra puncture protection. 

The extra puncture protection is achieved with the Pirelli patented 'Armour Tech' construction. Aramid fibres are dispersed through the tire and get thicker towards the underside, so that the top layer still retains low rolling resistance and grip due to Pirelli's Smartnet Silica compound, while the base layer has a greater concentration of aramid fibres to guard against flats.  A nylon layer is used from bead to bead to protect against cuts and pinch flats while also making the tire air tight when running it tubeless, while underneath the tread is an aramid fibre breaker belt. This is to stop sharp objects which might have bedded into the top layer from piercing right through the tire.

Much research has gone into making the tires fully weather-proof and high performing while also being easy to install both with or without tubes. Pirelli have conducted extensive studies to ensure the tires perform in both configurations.