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NamedSport Sport Gel 25ml

Flavour: Tropical

NamedSport Sport Gel 25ml

Energy gel created from simple and complex carbohydrates with different release, with D-Ribose and low GI Isomaltulose PalatinoseTM, providing energy in a continuous and gradual way. Available in four refreshing flavors, with the addition of specific ingredients to support all of the training exercise stages. Size 25ml

> Glucogenic Formula – Lemon Ice Teaflavor with glucogenic amino acids Glycin and L-Alanine of extra pure quality Ajipure® assisting glucose synthesis.

> Caffeine Formula – Cola-Limeflavorwith 50mg of Caffeine, this gel delivers an instant mental boost and is ideal to take at the final stage of a race or during a prolonged training session.

> Pure Energy Formula – Orangeflavor featuring 5 carbohydrates with different absorption rates to provide the athlete with continuous and gradual energy source.

> Hydration Formula – Tropicalflavor with Magnesium and Potassium to support normal muscle function during training.