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Mavic Quest Pro Tire

Size: 29x2.35

The Quest tread makes light work of any trail, no matter what the conditions, and it works great on front and rear wheels for all-mountain exploration rides.

• Low weight, high protection and grip
Quest Pro features a UST Tubeless Ready construction and a Guard+ casing, which is single ply with a soft protection layer to offer lighter weight, protection and grip.
For climbing and descending
In our endless search for the perfect blend of climbing and descending ability, we’ve given Quest Pro a new dual compound on its tread (X-mix, 55/50). This has a more durable and faster rolling centre tread as well as softer side knobs for unrivalled grip while cornering.

Efficiency and grip for versatility

New X-mix Quest dual compound (55/50): grip in all condition and durability
High spaced knobs create traction, predictable braking and precise cornering
Large volume for comfort and confidence


Guard +: reinforced casing
X-mix dual compound: long lasting rolling tread
UST Tubeless Ready to help reduce risk of flats

Designed to maximise the performance of the XA wheels

Developed as a single unit with the XA wheels to maximise performance and aesthetics