Mavic Allroad SL Road+ 650B - Disc

Freehub Type: Shimano 11spd

Riders seeking a strong, durable and lightweight wheelset for rugged road and gravel adventures will find this 650B diameter wheel with wider rims a perfect choice. It makes no compromises on responsiveness, durability and ease of use. The lightweight aluminum rims feature ISM4D technology, which strategically removes material from the rim where it’s not needed but keeps it around the spokes, where tension is applied.

Double butted spokes further reduce weight and make the wheel feel more responsive. The spokes have an aero elliptical shape that can save 5 watts of energy while maintaining your speed. Super-wide rims (25mm internal) are compatible with tubeless tires up to 64mm to absorb road shocks and vibrations. You get 5cm of “tire travel” to cushion your ride, and the smaller-diameter rims allow you to retain the agile handling you want with a drop-bar bike.

The UST system has been improved with a new rim bed shape that makes it easier than ever to install and change tires. Fore technology attaches the spokes to the rim without the need to drill the upper rim bed, so no tape is required. No hassles, no added weight. The new Infinity hub platform optimizes spoke lacing with highly controlled tension for maximum power transfer, and the Instant Drive 360 freewheel, coupled with our automatic bearing preload adjustment (QRM Auto), provides fast engagement, stiffness and added durability. The wheels use center lock brake rotors and are available with Shimano or SRAM XD-Road driver bodies and can convert to Campagnolo with an optional driver body. The front hub is a 12mm thru-axle that can convert to 15mm or quick release. The rear is a 12x142 and can also convert to quick release.