Lazer Strada KinetiCore

Color: Matte Black
Matte Black
Matte Slate Blue
Light Blue Sunset
Matte Green
Matte Dark Grey Flash Yellow
Size: S

Lazer Strada KinetiCore

Whether you’re taking a leisure weekend ride around the city or setting out for a new personal best on Strava, the Strada KinetiCore offers extensive protection for all levels of cyclists so you can focus on the best part: getting the absolute most out of every ride.

Lazer was the first brand to adopt MIPS technology, and for the past five years they have been developing their own version of a rotational impact protection system. Introducing KinetiCore. Built right into the helmet instead of being added on after, KinetiCore has all the benefits of a MIPS like system, without added weight, reduced ventilation, or a different fit on the head. KinetiCore is a series of domino-like structures built into the EPS foam of the helmet, which functions the same way as MIPS. How do you know it works? Ask the University of Virginia Tech, who gives this helmet a “Best Available” 5-star protection rating.

 21 ventilation channels, a dock for eyewear, a mount for a proprietary light, and an optional Lazer Aeroshell are all added features included in the Lazer Strada. The Scrollsys tension system allows for a ponytail to easily go through the helmet, which makes all Lazer helmets fan favourites for anyone with longer hair.

Want added safety? Pair the Lazer Strada with Lazer's proprietary Universal Rear Light, which mounts directly to the back of the helmet!

Kineticore Ventilation

KinetiCore technology creates blocks and channels in the EPS foam to offer protection from impact and allows for unrestricted airflow through the interior of the helmet.

Scrollsys Retention System

Refine your perfect fit with the easy to use ScrollSys belt for quick adjustment on the fly. The floating front headband increases airflow and eliminates pressure points, so you can focus on the ride ahead, not on adjusting your gear.

Lazer Kineticore Protection

KinetiCore Controlled Crumple Zones absorb the force of both direct and rotational impacts in the event of a crash to re-direct energy away from your head, protecting you when you need it most.