SwissStop FlashPro Black Prince Brake Pads (SHIMANO-SRAM)

SwissStop FlashPro Black Prince Brake Pads (SHIMANO-SRAM)

Designed to work specifically with Shimano 9/10/11 and SRAM brake calipers, and carbon rims. Sold as a set of four.

Provides absolutely best brake power (wet and dry) and allows the rider to precisely modulate the braking on carbon rims. No squeaking and very slight wear. Can also be used on aluminum wheels.

The all-new 'Black Prince' compound now replaces the 'Yellow King' for carbon rims. Some of its new features are:

Excellent modulation: For the same amount of squeezing on your brake lever, the Carbon Prince applies more braking force. This means you'll stop sooner and also be able to 'feather' the brakes with more control. Maximum braking force will be greater.

Better brake performance in wet conditions: An increased braking force in wet conditions means shorter stopping distances. In a stopping distance test, the Black Prince needed 90 meters to brake from 60km/h down to zero. Compare this to its legendary predecessor, the Yellow King, which needed 121 meters in similar conditions. Compared further to it's nearest competitor, which needed 133 meters.

Lower temperatures: When you ride your brakes, especially going down a long descent, your brake pads heat up. If they heat up too much, it can possibly cause rim and tire failure. The Carbon Prince has a significantly lower maximum temperature, measured during high-speed deceleration testing. While decelerating from 60km/h to zero, it only heats up to 171 degrees Celsius. Compared to 303 degrees Celsius from the Yellow King.

The SwissStop Carbon Prince is the new gold standard for carbon wheel brake pads.