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...short shipping delays may occur due to high volume - FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $150 -



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F3 Form Mount All-in-one Computer Mount

The all-in-one mount with 34 modes of adaptability. FormMount™ is a modular mounting system for GPS computers, cameras, and lights. The marvel of FormMount’s direct stem integration is adjustable arms that give the ability to fit virtually any 4 bolt stem in 5 different mounting positions. All this weighing in at mere 25 grams. It is truly a mount like no other.

1. integrated mounting
FormMount’s revolutionary arms rotate 360° offering direct stem integration to virtually any 4 bolt stem and allowing for an unprecedented 5 mounting positions. No other mount comes close to this level of functionality.

2. Fore / Aft
13 fore/aft settings put an any-sized computer in the exact position of rider preference. Simply loosen the insert and cradle bolts to adjust to your desired position. Plus, it’s available in 2 arm lengths.

3. Camera/light
FormMount is so much more than a GPS mount, it’s a modular mounting system with camera and light integration. There is simply no cleaner solution.

4. Materials
Specifically engineered of carbon fiber composite to be lightweight and strong. Overmolded CNC stainless steel inserts provide a secure stem connection.

5. Compatibility
The interface supports Garmin, Wahoo, and Stages. Other leading brands in development. Stem width bolt distance between centers as narrow as 16mm to as wide as 41mm. Stems must use M5 bolts and have a parallel bolt axis. It will not work on some stems without a parallel bolt axis.