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Elite Workstand Race FC

Elite Workstand Race FC

Easy to use and transport. Using the WORKSTAND RACE FC is easy and intuitive.

The support arm for the bicycle automatically locks when the workstand is unfolded - the system stability is ensured by a self-locking ball lock pin. The WORKSTAND RACE FC is ready for use with just a few quick moves, and it quickly folds once you're done using it, becoming more compact.

The WORKSTAND RACE FC is perfect for both the most advanced mechanical work and the simplest maintenance operations, such as cleaning your bicycle.

The structure of the workstand, which is supplied pre-assembled, is in aluminum, with steel brackets and components to ensure lightness and durability over time. This is an essential instrument for pro mechanics that need tools that are easy to transport during competitions, but also for all cyclists that want to take care of their bicycle every day.

Since it's possible to rotate the upper part as desired, even with the bicycle still on, the WORKSTAND RACE FC is perfect for maintenance, gear cleaning, chain substitution and other ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations on your bicycle.

Compatible with all commercially available bicycles and height adjustable, the WORKSTAND RACE FC is incredibly stable - this is why it's one of the most used workstands by WorldTour mechanics.

Compatible with bicycles fully equipped with disc brakes and 12mm thru-axle.