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ELITE Rocko Carbon WB Cage

ELITE Rocko Carbon WB Cage

ROCKO CARBON is an ultra-light carbon fiber water bottle cage with high retention capabilities, especially on under extreme ride or competition conditions. ROCKO ensures great water bottle retention under any circumstances, even the most difficult ones.

A distinctive feature is front and side water bottle insertion. This makes it compatible with all frames and especially on bicycles with smaller/reduced or sloping frames.

Another key point of the ELITE ROCKO CARBON bottle cage is its ergonomic structure, designed to envelop the bottle on its upper section, thus ensuring a tight grip even on the roughest terrains. The reinforced carbon fiber structure ensures great stability, control and absorption of shocks, vibrations and impacts with the terrain. Made in Italy.

One color only: matt carbon black
Holds all standard 74mm water bottles
Weight 27g