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ELITE Leggero Carbon WB Cage G2

ELITE Leggero Carbon WB Cage G2

Pure lightness. The new ELITE Leggero Carbon is the latest addition to the ELITE range of ultra light bottlecages. Designed for everyday rides or competition.

Carbon fiber-reinforced, this bottlecage is designed to provide durability and record lightness, the cage only weighs 17g. It's not a coincidence that it's one of WorldTour pro teams' most used bottlecages.

The cage's registered design was developed to remove all non essential components in its structure and at the same time reinforce areas more likely to experience loads and strains during use. The ELITE team of designers worked hard to provide the Leggero Carbon cage with the extraordinary 17-grams weight.

Lightness and strength, elegance and a racing spirit. Easy entry/exit for the bottle with high-level bottle retention. Made in Italy.

Compatible with all bottles with standard 74 mm diameter.
This is the second generation G2 version of this item.