Colnago C68 Titanium frameset

Color: Black/Gold
Size: 45.5
C68 Titanium Road - Top-notch bicycle engineering

The number of parts that complete the frame is the same as with the previous C series (C64).
Even though from an aesthetics point of view, its lines and styling may be more similar to that of a frame manufactured in one piece.
There are still some visible joints on the C68 to trace back to our root, while other joints would appear invisible due to the new streamlined design.

The new Colnago C68 with 3D printed Titanium lugs
Built entirely by hand in Italy, blending artisan techniques and revolutionary technologies. The new C68 from Colnago is built by reinterpreting the lug assembly. A distinctive feature of the production of the C series models, which today more than ever guarantees an extremely reliable and perfectly engineered product.

The final product is a frame with modern lines but with a classic soul, with a streamlined and well-balanced tube section that guarantees higher performance than the previous series in combination with a considerable weight reduction.

The titanium version of the new C68 use lugs fabricated in precious titanium using a 3D printing technique. In particular, the lugs made with this technique are those that bind the top tube to the seatpost and head tube.

The Colnago C series is a bike for the true cycling enthusiast, seeking performance but also looking for something more. An elegant aesthetic, confident road manners and the pleasure of owning an authentic Italian-made product. In a single word, an icon. Made even more unique and precious with the use of a revolutionary 3D printing technique and the integration of a fine material such as titanium.

The version with titanium lugs is offered in a single, exclusive color (HTBK), which plays with a glossy and matte black finish, adding details in gold. It is extremely elegant and minimalist.

With the new C68, Colnago puts an end to the issue of counterfeiting thanks to BlockChain technology. An NFC tag on each frame will contain technical information about the frame and the owner, as well as certification of authenticity, making each frame unique and inimitable.

In addition to the seven sizes of the C68 Road version, it is possible to combine 16 combinations of length and width of the integrated CC.01 barstem, designed and produced by Colnago.

The C68 features fully hidden and integrated cables, and the frame is compatible exclusively for electronic or wireless groupsets.

The frame is equipped with CeramicSpeed SLT (Solid Lubrication Technology) headset bearings with a lifetime warranty. For the bottom bracket, the T47 standard is chosen (the bottom bracket is not included in the frame kit).

In addition to the headset, the frame kit also includes a carbon monocoque seatpost and a card to complete the registration of the product through Blockchain technology. We will be happy to provide all the necessary information to successfully complete the registration process. On request and for an additional fee, it is possible to include the CC.01 cockpit but the frame remains compatible with stem and handlebars from other manufacturers such as Deda Elementi.

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