Campagnolo UT-CN400 12s-13s Chain Tool

Campagnolo UT-CN400 12s-13s Chain Tool

The Campagnolo UT-CN400 Chain Tool for 12-13speed chain installations is used to adjust 12s-13s chains to the correct drivetrain length and also to drive and peen the connector pin precisely. Use of other tools could damage the chain and/or result in chain failure.

The professional grade, precision Campagnolo UT-CN400 Chain Tool was developed by Campagnolo for use with the 13-speed Ekar chain design. It is also backwards compatible with Campagnolo 12-speed chains. The tool safely and precisely drives pins out for drivetrain sizing, as well as driving connector pins in, and performing the required peening process after driving in a new connector pin. Though Campagnolo offers both the pin and C-Link options with the Ekar chain, and there are many longtime Campagnolo users that will insist on the pin replacement option.

With super high quality materials, expert machining, and sure-handed ergonomic design, the UT-CN400 was built for everyday use in Campagnolo pro shops around the world. The tool drive pin is replaceable, and it is recommended to check the pin for wear or damage regularly. The ultimate precision required with today's narrow chains is crucial to overall performance, preservation of drivetrain component integrity, and safety.

The Campagnolo UT-CN400 chain tool keeps the chain perfectly stabilized, allowing the installation of the Ultra Link connector with the exacting precision the design demands. The UT-CN400 Chain Tool has a specially designed, ultra precise, tapered tip end driving pin on the tool. The pusher of the UT-CN400 is provided with a replaceable tapered tip pin. If the pin becomes worn, replace it with Campagnolo spare pin UT-CN301.

This exacting process of installing the 12s Ultra Link connector becomes even more crucial with flush pin design of the 5.15mm 12 speed chain.  The Campagnolo 12-Speed chain will come with highly specific instructions that are also available on the Campagnolo website.

The Campagnolo EKAR 13s C-Link Connector chain link is specifically designed for compatibility with the Campagnolo Ekar 13s chain only. You may need to use the Campagnolo chain tool UT-CN400 to adjust the chain to the correct length. Using the Campagnolo simple C-LINK (connecting link) design makes it quick and easy to install or remove the chain. This is ideal if you need to carry out essential maintenance for keeping your chain performing exactly as it should.

If you do not have the correct tool and informed experience, take your bike and chain/pin to your nearest Campagnolo Service Center or trusted mechanic for installation.

Campagnolo part: UT-CN400