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Campagnolo Super Record 12 Chain

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Campagnolo Super Record 12 Chain

The Campagnolo Super Record 12 speed chain; A chain is one of the most complicated components when redesigning a groupset simply due to the width of the components. Campagnolo’s new 12 speed chain is thinner, lighter, engages quicker and offers the same great strength and durability as an 11-speed chain.

Note: 12 speed Super Record/ Record utilize the same chain.

Hollow pins
Ultra-Link fastening system
Outer links in special new steel
Ni-PTFE anti-friction treatment
114 links
Weight: 220g

Campagnolo requires use of their UT-CN300 Chain Tool (sold separately), which is not only used to break chains properly but also to drive and peen the pin precisely. This exacting process becomes even more crucial with flush pin design of the 12 speed 5.15mm chain. The UT-CN300 Chain Tool has a specially designed, ultra precise, tapered tip end the driving pin on the tool. The Campagnolo 12-Speed chain will come with highly specific instructions that are also available on the Campagnolo website. If you do not have the correct tool and informed experience, take your bike and chain/pin to your nearest Campagnolo Service Center or trusted mechanic for installation.