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Campagnolo EKAR 13s chain

Campagnolo EKAR 13s chain

The Campagnolo EKAR C13 chain has been specifically designed for use on gravel bikes and engineered to work both efficiently and reliably on the toughest gravel roads. A light and efficient Campagnolo 13-speed chain with a nickel-teflon coating.
Although it is Campagnolo's narrowest chain for for the EKAR 13 speed transmission it is also highly reliable and durable. The Campagnolo EKAR C13 Gravel chain is available with two closure/assembly options: the classic pin system and the new C-Link system.

Features - Campagnolo EKAR 13-speed Chain
Specifically developed for gravel/endurance
Efficient drive and smooth gear shifting
Lightweight and strong/ stable and wear resistant
Coated in an ultrasonic bath
Available with classic pin and C-link closing

118 Links / Pin
117 Links / C-Link (masterlink)
242 g (117 links / C-Link)
242 g (118 links / Pin)