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Burgh Bar Tape

Color: Pixel White
Pixel White
Silk Stealth
Bokeh White
X White
Hex White
Hieroglyph Stealth
Hex Stealth
Bokeh Stealth
Matter Stealth
Silk White
Matter White
Hieroglyph White
Mosaic Stealth
Pixel Stealth
X Stealth

Burgh Bar Tape

BORN IN THE HELLISH DEPTHS OF TASMANIA. Carefully considered designs to maximize bunch envy.

Burgh Cycling’s aim is to ensure we make the best possible product to meet the needs of the cycling community. Whether you’re bouncing over cobbles, sliding around on the cross bike, chasing KOM’s, circling the track or scooting through alleys, Burgh tapes will get you there in comfort and style.

FEATURES: A unique blend of comfort, grip & performance. A unique polymer blend creates a surface that is water resistant, shock absorbing and grippy – even in the wettest of conditions. Perfect for cyclists who love all kinds of riding – in any conditions but especially for those who love to get grit, sand and mud all over their pride and joy.

CLEANING: Keep things looking top notch. A quick wipe with a damp cloth and some elbow grease is all that is required to keep our tapes fresh as daisies! With their water resistant qualities, give them a good hose if you really like!

Package Contents:
2 rolls 200cm (length) x 3cm (width)
2 x screw-in end plugs / 2 x finishing tape strips
Thickness: 2.5mm thick – tapering to 1.8mm at edges