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Basso Astra 2019 Frameset

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Basso Astra 2019 Frameset

A protagonist in the hi-performance cycling world. The new hi-modulus carbon fiber monocoque frame uses Basso experience in the placement of the direction of the single layers of fibers, creating the main triangle with optimized shaped profiles, which allows a higher resistance to flex and torsion, with as much weight reduction as possible. Astra is a 100% carbon monocoque frame including the bottom bracket and all the bearing housings. The result is a single mould process without the use of different materials.

Cone shaped and edge profiled head tube. The edged shaped rear area of the head tube, which links directly to the two main tubes of the front triangle and in a continuous line to the rear seat stays not only gives the new ASTRA a unique look, but also allows us to maximize rigidity and strength with increased riding precision and great reactivity in the standing position. The larger basis of the head tube creates a wider and more rigid surface, erasing the weaker structural spots. The new BB shell construction procedures, previously only used in our top of the line model DIAMANTE, is now adopted for the ASTRA: the carbon fiber bottom bracket shell made from a single molding allows us to have a perfect compact structure which gives torsion-free pedaling even at extreme loads, and keep the weight as low as possible. Brand monocoque fork with the 1”-1/8 upper bearing housed directly in the carbon.

All frame and bikes are shipped with black carbon head spacers. We offer 7 different colour spacers only for after-market service.

100% 3K Torayca High Modulus Carbon Fiber in T700-MR60

Top Tube: 1 x 0° + 1 x 22° + 2 x 45° = the lightest part of the frame.
Down tube: 2 x 0° + 1 x 22° + 2 x 45° fiber lay-up light and stiff.
HT: 2 x 0° + 4 x 45° the most rigid part of the bike, zero giving in torque.
ST: 1 x 0° + 3 x 22° comfortable and vertical shock absorption.
CS and ST: 1 x 0°, 3 x 22° + 1 x 45° light and stiff.
3K inside tube lay-up of ht - bb and st increases torque resistance.

Handmade and painted in Italy

Sizes: 48, 51, 53, 56, 58, and 61

Contact us at La Bicicletta Toronto to discuss your options for a custom build with this frameset.