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ASSOS WINTER Neck Protector

Size: 0

ASSOS WINTER Neck Protector

An elevated, race-tuned neck warmer to provide respite from the coldest weather and deliver core warmth.

The perfect companion piece for winter rides, ASSOS re-engineered our classic and ever-popular neck protector with our latest, ultra-luxe fabrics and re-tailored its construction for ergonomics. The result is indisputably high levels of comfort and warmth from this small yet hugely significant piece.

Using ASSOS latest combination of natural and synthetic yarns, this piece is a whizz at providing wind protection and just as deft at breathability. 

ASSOS CLIMACODE 3.3 WINTER - color code blue

Color: blackSeries only
Sizes: 0, I, II

LanaProppy: Main textile, merino-polypropylene blend with moisture management performance. As well as being incredibly soft on the skin, polypropylene has extreme push-and-pull effect while merino works as a wind barrier when wet.
Sens 2L: Deploying a double layer of our soft and breathable Sens 2L means you’ll keep heat where it’s needed without the risk of overheating.