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ASSOS Ultraz Winter LS Skin Layer

Size: 0

ASSOS Ultraz Winter LS Skin Layer

The Ultraz Winter LS Skin Layer brings maximum thermal protection and body-mapped comfort to your coldest rides, courtesy of ASSOS new wool-blend knit and seamless construction.

Building on the protective Winter LS Skin Layer, the Ultraz Winter edition turns up the warmth and windblocking capabilities even further with a wool-blended knit. This is the ultimate defensive first layer in the most challenging winter conditions, going into overdrive at the core level to keep you dry and your temperature stable.

Setting a new foundation, Skin Layer is a total reset on the previous ASSOS base layers of yore, wearing a completely revamped, lighter makeup and using a new blend of fibers. The Ultraz Winter model is about 10% lighter than the previous Winter LS Skinfoil, relying on a Circular Seamless construction that’s both ultrasoft and free of irritating side seams. A robust arctic-tuned blend of polypropylene and wool are also employed, serving as the ultimate next-to-skin foundation when maximum thermal- and windblocking-protection are most critical.

Sizes: 0, I, II, III
Color: calypsoBlu

Size reference guide:
0 (XS-S)
I (M)

Circular Seamless: A tubular knit technology that’s free of side seams, creating an ultrasoft, comfortable feel against the body.
Set-In Sleeves: Sleeves are sewn directly into the armhole, promoting a full range of motion beneath additional layers.
Composition: 50% polypropylene, 31% wool, 10% polyamide, 6% elastane, 3% carbon fiber