ASSOS Spring Fall Booties

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ASSOS Spring Fall Booties

Ultra lightweight, zip-free overshoes; the ASSOS Spring Fall booties for cool weather riding provide wind-block protection for comfort. 

The ASSOS Spring/Fall booties for Spring and Fall riding are a versatile wind-blocking overshoe with an ergonomic cut to avoid wrinkles and increase their aerodynamic performance. Lightweight and breathable, these overshoes embody the essential characteristics of a lightweight, transitional-season shoe cover by bridging the gap between an aero bootie and a warm winter overshoe with a blend of materials that lock out wind and water without compromising on weight or breathability.

The minimal design of these race-tuned ASSOS overshoes renders them a must-have item for cool starts, chilly descents and ride sessions in Spring and Fall. Their zip-free construction requires some careful pre-ride management and this will become a fixture as with any pre-ride routine. These wind-blocking shoe covers have an interior that reveals a distinctive aesthetic, a yellow ASSOS Spring/Fall 2/3 climaCode identifier accent.
N.B. These are for road cycling shoes only and NOT for MTB type sole cycling shoes.

Color: blackSeries
Sizes: O, I, II
Size Guide:
O= Euro 35-38 | USA-CDN 4-6
I= Euro 39-42 | USA-CDN 6.5-9
II= Euro 43-47 | USA-CDN 9.5-12

Important note: These ASSOS Zip-Free overshoes are high performance cycling equipment. Please do not rush to put them on. These are very tight fitting and require a certain element of finesse to put on. The Zip-Free overshoes are put on BEFORE your cycling shoes. With a little experience this will become an easy and intuitive part of the pre-ride procedure.

Step 1. Put your foot through the upper opening and then out the cleat opening. Then pull the overshoe up around your ankle.
Step 2. Put on your cycling shoe.
Step 3. Carefully pull the heel area of the shoe cover down and into position around the rear of the shoe.
Step 4. Carefully pull the front area of the shoe cover forward and over the front of the shoe. Done! HAVE A GOOD RIDE!

Sens 2L: The ASSOS Spring Fall Booties have been constructed using a double layer of ASSOS Sens 2L lightweight, super-stretch warp-knit. Engineered by our textile developers, Sens Tex is known for its low volume, freedom of movement, and second skin-like sensation.
Tech Sheen: The super stretchy and hard wearing warp-knit mesh used on the ankles is resilient to tears while its open structure enhances breathability.
Zip-free construction: A stripped-back design for increased comfort and performance.
Taped edges: Minimal seams to retain warmth, increase comfort and add longevity to the product that will certainly encounter inclement weather and tough riding throughout the seasons. The design also has a raw-cut opening for the cleat.
climaRange color accents: It features an internal color-coordinated accent of yellow to denote its ASSOS climaRange season on the toe panel, which simplifies your pre-ride selection of clothing equipment.