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ASSOS RSR Speed Gloves

Color: Holy White
Holy White
Size: XS

ASSOS RSR Speed Gloves

Availability: Summer 2022

ASSOS RSR Speed Gloves are racing equipment, designed from scratch for aerodynamic performance at your body’s leading edge. Pro WorldTour riders asked for gloves as aerodynamic as other ASSOS EQUIPE RSR racing equipment. After all, of every part of the cyclist, gloves hit the wind first, so it’s an ideal spot to engineer aerodynamic gains. Therefore an aerodynamic fabric was developed, specifically to reduce drag when stretched out on aerobar extensions during time trials.

Everything about these gloves is geared for race-day speed, so they are recommended for racing only and time trials specifically. Pair with ASSOS EQUIPE RSR equipment or a chronosuit or roadsuit for maximum aerodynamics.

Important note: This ASSOS item is high performance cycling equipment fabricated with super lightweight, high performance material. Please exercise extra care when putting on/off to avoid fabric damage/tearing. With a little experience this will become an easy and intuitive part of the pre-ride procedure.

Sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL,XLG
Color: Holy White

FEATURED FABRICS: Windchannel Stripes is an aerodynamic Lycra blend warp knit that melts across your skin with no bunching or creasing. This bi-stretch textile grants light compression and stabilizing grip to every part of the glove while the unpadded, high-grip palm maintains security on the bars—especially during hot, high-perspiration exertions.

CONSTRUCTION/FIT: Longer fingers and cuffs extend the aerodynamic, second-skin fit, and the material composition maintains that fit without the need of silicone grip.

ENGINEERING: Raw Cut: Eliminates transitional ridges, consolidating and complementing the overall aerodynamic gains with a truly second-skin silhouette.