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ASSOS RS Rain Booties

Size: 0

ASSOS RS Rain Booties

Aerodynamic rain booties for year-round riding, constructed with ASSOS ultrathin 2-layer waterproof-breathable Water-Shield textile to protect your feet in the wettest conditions. An aerodynamic, wind-cheating shoe cover that also happens to be waterproof and highly visible.

These booties are an extremely versatile accessory, suitable for 3X seasons. Protect your shoes and feet; during the rainiest mid-season days, on dirty and wet Spring/Fall roads or in case of emergency during summer storms.

Constructed using ASSOS 2L waterproof Water-Shield textile, a superlight, foot-molding membrane that’s as protective as it is aerodynamic. The waterproof 2L (2 layer) textile is reversed with the slippery membrane on the inside. The aero cut ensures light compressive support throughout the ankle and lower leg, while zeroCuff and reversed waterproof camlock zipper round out the streamlined design.

N.B. These are for road cycling shoes only. 

Important note: This ASSOS item is high performance cycling equipment fabricated with super lightweight, high performance material. Please exercise extra care when putting on/off to avoid fabric damage/tearing. With a little experience this will become an easy and intuitive part of the pre-ride procedure.

Color: blackSeries only
Sizes: 0, I, II
Overshoes size guide:
0= Euro 36-39 | USA-CDN 4-6.5
I= Euro 40-43 | USA-CDN 7-9.5
II= Euro 44-47 | USA-CDN 10-12

Taped Seams: Applied to all seams throughout, increasing the watertight properties of the booties.
sportGrip: This grippy monostretch textile is applied to the sole for durability and to boost traction while off-bike.

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