ASSOS habuJacket Laalalai

Size: XLG

ASSOS habuJacket Laalalai

December 2023: ASSOS end of production sale item
Limited sizes/quantities available.

Perfect for the colder days of late Fall and early Spring in Canada. Temperature range guide +6C to +15C

The women’s specific ASSOS habuJacket Laalalai is a remarkable demonstration of the technological ingenuity at ASSOS. A true cool weather jacket, it is incredibly light and compact which makes it supremely practical - and an undoubted pleasure to wear. Wind block fabric on front chest area and arms. #equipmentnotclothing

To achieve such advanced performance, it employs a selection of ASSOs smartest textiles. Front facing Stratagon Light ensures great protection from the wind and rain at a minimal weight; the specially developed thermal fabric RXQ is so low volume that the jacket as a whole can fit in a jersey pocket. However, with the habuJacket Laalalai able to perform through a wide temperature range, it’s rare that you will need to take it off. With such performance and comfort, not to mention the stylish aesthetic of our blackSeries colour scheme, you won’t need or want to take it off either.  

An everyday favorite that comes into its own on rides where you encounter a particularly wide range of conditions. It should be worn with an ASSOS body insulator for optimum performance. ASSOS Skin Layers are the natural partners, consider the Spring/Fall SS, LS and Winter Skin Layers depending on the conditions. An extremely versatile piece of #equipmentnotclothing.

Sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL,XLG

regularFit: Less aggressive than our racingFit but more fitted than the comfortFit, our regularFit body mapping design bridges the gap between these two fits and comes in as the ultimate balance between comfort and compression.
stratagonLight: Windproof, water resistant and breathable material developed jointly with our fabric suppliers to meet our needs. Allows us to create highly effective and lightweight protective panels.
RXQ: A lighter weight RX fabric variant used in key areas requiring great breathability. Internal 3D air channels make it a perfect low volume insulator and temperature regulator.
Refined collar: Redesign which employs a double layer of fabric for ideal fit and frictionless comfort; use of RXQ and stratagonLight offers insulation and wind proofing.
Essential arm pocket: Extra storage located on right upper arm. Useful alternative location if dexterity is compromised by winter gloves. Spacious enough for a mobile phone.
Rear stabilizer: A 2-way stretch material with minimal give in the vertical axis. The ASSOS rear stabilizer panel design allows for stable, high capacity pockets that won’t sag.
Enhanced safety: Added reflective visibility features for alerting other road users to your presence, incorporated without detracting from aesthetics.
Raglan cut sleeves: Sleeves that are integrated all the way into the shirt rather than just attaching at the shoulder. Offers maximum freedom of movement and a slick, flowing fit.
Raw-cut cuffs: High end finish which eradicates the hem and employs our maximum comfort Sens Heavy Tex. Internally signals the garment’s climaRange with a orange accent.
Standard pockets with integrated double security pockets and triple ramp concept: Thoroughly tested storage design with added peace of mind zipped pockets for valuables. Optimal layout that positions the pockets for ease of access and ensures the contents and secure and stable.
Zegho holder: Specifically designed loop for secure storage of your Zegho ASSOS sunglasses, located on the right arm. Compatible with a range of other models.
Reflective zips: The fasteners on the two security pockets and the full length front zip each incorporate reflective stitching for improved visibility.
Reflective rear elastic hem: a wide, secure elastic hem that ensures a frictionless fit while riding; plus a reflective strip, resulting in added safety when faced by varying dim light conditions