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ASSOS GT ULTRAZ Winter Booties

Size: 0

ASSOS GT ULTRAZ Winter Booties

Autumn 2022 >now in stock

ASSOS GT Ultraz Winter Booties are constructed with a dual-layer twinDeck textile for maximum insulation and weather protection in the harshest winter conditions. Building on the standard ASSOS GT Winter Booties, the ULTRAZ Winter Booties offer insulation and protection in the most extreme environments.

ASSOS wanted to create the ultimate stormproof head-to-toe outfit that could keep serious riders on the road regardless of the weather. #theygoinsidewestayoutside #sufferincomfort #equipmentnotclothing

The primary textile used is ASSOS ThermoShell, applied in two overlapping layers. This 3-layer softshell features a PU-bonded membrane plus a perforated circular knit face—increasing breathability without sacrificing thermal protection. A DWR treatment on the outer layer provides an extra level of protection.

In addition to dual-layer twinDeck construction, the booties feature a reverse camlock zipper, while zeroCuff creates the smoothest transition possible between your legs and the fabric, sealing out the elements and furthering the aerodynamic profile. 

N.B. These are for road cycling shoes only. 

Color: blackSeries only
Sizes: 0, I, II
Overshoes size guide:
0= Euro 36-39 | USA-CDN 4-6.5
I= Euro 40-43 | USA-CDN 7-9.5
II= Euro 44-47 | USA-CDN 10-12

sportGrip: This grippy monostretch textile is applied to the sole for durability and to boost traction while walking.
zeroCuff: A raw-cut edge at the cuff creates the smoothest transition possible between the leg and fabric to seal out the elements.