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ASSOS GT Rain Gloves

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ASSOS GT Rain Gloves

Low-volume rain gloves for year-round riding, constructed with ASSOS 3-layer NeoWet textile to regulate temperature from the inside out.

The GT Rain Gloves have been specifically developed to manage heavy precipitation, where a moderate amount of water is absorbed into the textile and insulated by the body, ensuring consistent thermoregulation throughout.

ASSOS recommends wearing these for standalone hand protection in the wettest, temperate riding conditions. Made using ASSOS 3L NeoWet textile, which is a moderately thick, heat-trapping textile for consistent thermoregulation in a variety of wet environments.

The material is cut with the palm panels uninterrupted by seams, maximizing feel between your hand and the bars, while eliminating friction in the process. Low in volume, these gloves feature extended, raw-cut cuffs for a smooth jacket-to-glove intersection.

Color: blackSeries
sizes: O,I,II,III
size guide for this item only:(measure around widest part of the palm of your hand)
0 =XXS 17 - 17.5
0 =XS 17.5 - 19
I =S 18.5 - 20
I =M 20 - 22
II =L 22 - 23.5
II =XL 23.5 - 25.5
III =XLG 25 +++

griffeGrip: Repeating griffe graphic across the palm and fingers, printed in ultra-tacky silicone for maximum grip at the bars.
Anatomic Cut: “No wrinkle” construction creates a 3D curved structure, made possible using six separate textiles.

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