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Availability: arriving Autumn 2021

Blurring the lines between thermal long-sleeve jersey and low-volume softshell, with increased thermal protection, reflective paneling and built-in ventilation features. #equipmentnotclothing

For rides throughout colder days of fall and spring, when a thermal SS jersey, arm warmers and vest combo isn’t cutting it, ASSOS developed a warmer option: the all-new EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Jacket. And while it wears a similar look to the EQUIPE RS Spring Fall Aero SS Jersey, it features a more insulating internal textile for boosted warmth.

The front panel is made by pairing the summer-jersey Push Pull textile with the highly insulating Rhombus liner. Together, these two materials provide the stretchy, breathable, aerodynamic attributes of a standard race jersey, with heat-trapping insulation. The raw-cut full-length sleeves are made of SONIC-SN, which is a highly elastic ribbed fabric that ensures a second-skin fit and features a brushed micro-sanded lining for added thermal protection.

The two reflective “valves” on the fronts of the shoulders serve as air vents, pulling in cool air from the outside and injecting it between the jacket’s two overlapping layers of fabric. When riding hard yet still needing a touch of body-cooling ventilation, unzipping isn’t always the best option. This design results in a regulated core body temperature, without sacrificing aerodynamics.
ASSOS CLIMACODE 2.3 SPRING/FALL - color code yellow

Note: sizing is ASSOS EQUIPE RS race-fit.
Color: Black
Sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL,XLG

twinDeck: Double-layer fabric construction boosts insulation using a combination of Push Pull and Rhombus textiles. Employed on the front panel and upper back.
Diffusor: An ASSOS-exclusive sewing construction that creates dual reflective “valves” on the fronts of the shoulders, drawing in cool air for added ventilation.
Double-Slider Zipper: Reversed camlock design, metal construction, with stabilizer tab at the top to facilitate one-handed operation. Open the zip from top or bottom.
Triple Ramp Pockets: ASSOS secure storage design with three textile-lidded pockets optimally located for ease of access; color-coded and featuring a micro-perforated bonded tape for visibility.