ASSOS DYORA RS Spring Fall Jacket

Size: S

ASSOS DYORA RS Spring Fall Jacket

The ASSOS DYORA RS Spring Fall Jacket is a women specific cool weater item that blurs the lines between a thermal long-sleeve jersey and low-volume softshell, for committed year-round riders in challenging spring/fall conditions.

Designed for higher tempo rides in on those colder days of fall and spring, when a thermal SS jersey, arm warmers and vest combo isn’t cutting it, ASSOS developed a streamlined single-piece option with body-mapped protection and built-in ventilation. In most spring/fall conditions, pair it with a short-sleeve Spring Fall Skin Layer, In colder, more challenging conditions, pair it with a long-sleeve Spring Fall Skin Layer underneath and DYORA RS Spring Fall Aero Gilet over the top.

Utilize an ASSOS baselayer to adjust for conditions
Variables to consider: temperature, wind and precipitation, level of exercise activity and cold sensitivity. #equipmentnotclothing #sufferincomfort #theygoinsidewestayoutside

An elastic Push Pull exterior joins forces with the insulating Rhombus for the front panel. The sleeves are made with our SONIC textile, a highly elastic ribbed fabric that both molds to the arms and delivers light insulation with its brushed skin-facing side.

On the front and upper back panels, double-layer twinDeck fabric construction locks out the cold and creates a pocket of insulating air between the layers, while still remaining exceptionally breathable. As an aero race-ready garment, it’s stripped to its essence: raw-cut hems and pre-shaped panels reduce weight and ensure an aerodynamic profile that seamlessly integrates with other layers.

Color: blackSeries
Sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL

Diffusor: An ASSOS-exclusive sewing construction that creates dual “valves” on the fronts of the shoulders, drawing in cool air for added ventilation.
Double-Slider Zipper: Taped construction, with camlock and stabilizer tab at the top to facilitate one-handed operation. Adjust to the conditions, with the option to unzip from the bottom for added breathability.
Triple Ramp Pockets: Our storage design with three textile-lidded pockets optimally located for ease of access; color-coded and featuring a micro-perforated bonded tape for visibility.