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ASSOS Chamois Cream 200ml WOMEN

ASSOS Chamois Cream 200ml WOMEN

Available now in this new larger size!

ASSOS Chamois Cream, an ultra-luxe essential preRide ritual ...a specific version for women after intensive research and development.
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ASSOS Chamois Crème relies on natural extracts to protect your skin from irritation due to friction and the build-up of bacteria. This essential item for cycling also rehydrates and replenishes the skin in this sensitive area, meaning a much reduced chance of rubbing and inflammation from hours spent in the saddle.  

For optimum results, we recommend applying a light layer directly onto the skin where the chamois contacts or directly onto the chamois itself. It works superbly with any ASSOS bib shorts and ASSOS inserts. By reducing the risk of saddle sores and discomfort, ASSOS Chamois Créme ensures that at least one comfort factor won’t suffer while riding—we’ll leave the other comfort elements of pace and power in your hands.

Features: natural extracts/ highly sensitive formula / prevents soreness increases comfort in the saddle

size: new larger 200ml size