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ASSOS Active Wear Cleanser 300ml

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ASSOS Active Wear Cleanser 300ml

ASSOS Active Wear Cleanser is delicate on elastic fibers, pH neutral, neutralizes odors, enhances textile breathability and maintains sharp color sublimation.  ...a small amount of this cleanser goes a long way.

Given its high-tech fabrics, special care is required when washing ASSOS apparel. The ASSOS Active Wear Cleanser:
• is delicate on elastic fibers and makes fabric feel softer
• neutralizes odors and enhances breathing of textiles
• maintains sharp colour sublimation
• pH neutral and skin-friendly
• compact and ideal when traveling

Suggest hand washing of ASSOS apparel #equipmentnotclothing. Hang to dry. NEVER put items in a dryer.

Size: 300ml