ASSOS iJ.bonkaCento profBlack

Size: XS

ASSOS iJ Limited Edition bonKa Cento profBlack

December 2022: ASSOS end of production sale item
Limited sizes/quantities available.

The Assos IJ Limited Edition Bonka Cento jacket has taken nearly a decade of development to bring to market but the result is something truly remarkable. This windproof and water-resistant jacket has been insulated in key areas without increasing volume, weight or bulk to create a supreme performer. As if the performance of the jacket alone was not enticing enough, its limited edition profBlack colour scheme is sure to turn heads with its striking minimal design.

Key areas targeted for protecting have been the chest and upper arms. Here Assos have incorporated their latest technology - TwinDeckFoiling. This combines layers of strataGonUltra airBlock fabric for the outer layer and RXQ material inside for the ultimate insulation, flexibility and breathability. These materials also add to the luxury feel you would expect from Assos. Temperature control at the front is regulated by a full-length zipper.

Additional protection has been incorporated into the chest and elbows to seal up those vulnerable areas. Alternatively, the collar makes use of an ergonomically shaped inner layer turtleneck design.

A rear constructed in RX fabric means no warmth is lost but the fabric does maintains breathability to allow you to achieve the optimal body temperature for performance. Finally, the integration of an Assos rear stabiliser panel design means the Bonka fits perfectly when cycling. Quality comes at a price but with Assos you know it will more than pay off in the short and long term.


Winter jacket
Cento fit version - tailored for a slim competition fit
Perfect for temperatures down to 0°C (32°F), any colder, add a layer
Cycling position specific fit
Chest/upper arms: TwinDeckFoiling (combination of strataGonUltra airBlock outer and RXQ fabric inside)
Chest/elbows: additional in-between wind protection layer
Collar: ergonomically shaped inner layer turtleneck design
Side panels/lower arms: strataGonMedium (airBlock membrane material)
Rear panel: RX fabric
Full front zip
Integrated Assos rear stabiliser panel
Water resistant
Construction: thirty two pattern pieces, six materials, thirteen components

Limited Edition ProfBlack Collection

It’s time for our all-black collection: profBlack.

Black is the colour of secrecy, a colour we reserve for clandestine moments shared between you and your bike, when you want nothing more than to slip outside stealthily, clip in and ride undisturbed on your chosen roads.

It’s no secret here at ASSOS that a substantial number of professional riders choose to wear our apparel for their training. But breaching contracts isn’t a decision they make on the fly; it’s a question of choosing to wear apparel that gives them the ultimate performance when they are riding in the harshest conditions. We don’t refute these big sum sponsorship contracts; it’s their choice to ride in ASSOS, a choice that embodies our ethos: sponsor yourself.

We dedicate our profBlack collection to these pros who want ride in anonymity, stealthily clad in black, riding unnoticed.
Their training doesn’t have to suffer just because the weather takes a turn for the worst. There is no longer a need for these undisclosed pros to furtively remove labels and tags – we have helped them with this by using black on black logos.