Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex

Size: 250ml

Effetto Mariposa Caffélatex

Caffélatex tire sealant is quietly hiding in the wheels of the best cyclists in the World, who trust it to ride as puncture-free as possible. With a strong racing background in road and off-road cycling, Caffélatex is perfect for tubeless, tubular and inner-tube applications. Made in Italy.

• Quick puncture repairing action, ideal for performance-oriented cyclists 
Adds very little weight to wheels, following the suggested quantities (check the free iCaffelatex phone app)
• The foaming behavior makes it spread evenly inside tires, covering the whole internal surface very efficiently
Caffélatex doesn’t contain ammonia or other aggressive chemicals and is not toxic
• As a synthetic latex, Caffélatex doesn’t create allergy issues associated with natural latex

Sizes available: 250ml or 1L

Fast puncture repairing action: A secret blend of liquid synthetic polymers gives Caffélatex its “latex-like” behavior, becoming solid when exposed to fast evaporation, repairing holes in the process. We improved this with the addition of a precise percentage of microscopic (less than 2 microns, 0,002 mm) silicate particles, so that Caffélatex moves slowly through holes, allowing it more time to heal the puncture.
Puncture repair speed is especially beneficial with lightweight or thin-casing tires, making Caffélatex ideal for performance-oriented cyclists, for both road and off-road cycling and for tubeless, tubular and inner-tube applications. Caffélatex repairs punctures up to 5mm (gravel/off-road tubeless tires) and 3mm (road tubeless tires).

Lightweight: In order to save weight on rotating masses, Caffélatex has a high mobility and a small quantity goes a long way in terms of coverage of the inner surface of the tire. We suggest to use the quantities recommended by the Caffelatex: while too much sealant is unnecessary, too little is utterly pointless as punctures will still occur and the sealant will serve no purpose. Use the iCaffelatex phone app to determine the correct amount of sealant. For example, we recommend 40ml of Caffélatex for 700c/38-40mm tubeless tires; 30ml 700c/25mm tubeless tires.

Foaming behavior activated by wheel movement: When engineering Caffélatex and refining its formula, we discovered that providing it with a foaming behavior (passing from liquid to foam when agitated, so activated by wheel movement) was a big plus in terms of ability to spread inside the tire cavity. When wheels are turning, centrifugal force drives standard liquid sealants against the outer circumference inside the tire. Caffélatex, turning into foam, tends to fill the entire internal cavity of the tire, making it available and effective even when the puncture happens on the sidewall. Caffélatex reverts to its liquid state after around 15 minutes of stillness.

Lifespan: Compared to other “latex-like” sealants, Caffélatex is a very stable and durable, although its lifespan is heavily influenced by tire type.
Using the recommended quantity for tire size/type, the expected Caffélatex lifespan is:
Tubular (or inserted into latex/butyl inner tube): up to 1 year
UST Tubeless tire: 2-6 months
Tubeless-ready tire: 1-4 months
Tube-type tire: 1-3 months
In the impossibility of knowing the specific conditions (kind of wheel/tire set-up, tire sidewall thickness and porosities, external temperature and humidity, storage conditions…), it's recommended checking Caffélatex every 2 months, to make sure it’s liquid and therefore ensures its puncture preventive action. When dry, Caffélatex-sealed wheels are still air-tight, but Caffélatex won’t actively repair punctures.

Caffélatex will last 2 years after the bottle is first opened, as long as the bottle is closed properly and stored away from direct sunlight and a regular storage temperature range.