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Continental Grand Prix 5000 clincher

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Continental Grand Prix 5000 clincher

The Continental Grand Prix 5000, a completely new tire.  Ride faster, with more comfort and with increased puncture protection. Evolved from the legendary Continental Grand Prix 4000IIS, the best allrounder in the field, brought to a new performance level.

The new 330tpi, 3-ply construction of the clincher version improves stability in cornering,  while reducing rolling resistance. The tire also features an elastomeric layer, this improves vibration damping for a smoother ride and improves comfort without affecting speed. Also included is an updated version of Continental’s Vectran anti-puncture strip, with the new tires 20 percent less prone to punctures than the GP 4000 S II. The new GP 5000 also features an updated version of Continental’s signature Black Chilli performance compound.

As with all of Continental’s high-end tires, the new GP 5000 is handmade in Germany.

12%% less rolling resistance
20% more puncture resistant
10g lighter

sizes: 23mm,25mm,28mm