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Assos of Switzerland: ASSOS of Switzerland produces an exceptional line of Road and MTB cycling clothing for men and women.  #EquipmentNotClothing

In every line of consumer products, certain names exemplify excellence, prestige and an uncompromising commitment to quality. In the field of cycling apparel that name is ASSOS. The ASSOS goal is to create the finest, most comfortable, functional and durable cycling apparel possible. The kind of product that serious cyclists whether professional, amateur or devoted enthusiast can appreciate and rely on. ASSOS clothing is engineered for cyclists who demand nothing less than excellence. ASSOS has earned its reputation around the world simply because it is a consistently superior product.

La Bicicletta Toronto is one of a select number of ASSOS Internet Dealers worldwide, understanding the quality and technical value of the products. La Bicicletta Toronto is an ASSOS PRO SHOP and as such carries the complete ASSOS collection. Stop by to see us if you are in the Toronto area or shop the items on our La Bicicletta website. Exciting new Autumn/Winter 2018 season items have arrived, many are already on the website, check them out. 

Please give us a call if you have questions or if you don't see an item on the website. A number of the ASSOS products are produced in seasonal/ limited quantities and the availability may vary depending on that factor.