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July 2019.1 | #prettycoolbici

FIZz ...that's our nickname for the new MY2020 Pinarello Dogma F12. 

Check our La Bicicletta Toronto photos of the Dogma F12 Disk (color DISK 430 BOB). Some of the new features include a very clean cockpit area with all the cables hidden and an asymmetric rear triangle to compensate for brake forces on the Disk version. 

While there are only a very few Pinarello F12 Dogmas available at this time, in very limited colors and sizes, general availability will start in Autumn 2019 and early 2020. Now is the time to start to organize your purchase and to make sure you get your colorway and correct size. La Bicicletta Toronto can help you line up a pretty cool new bici for the 2020 season.  #readyfor2020 #endofdiscussionagain #pinreallodogmaF12

Drop by to see this in person before its gone... and this July follow Team INEOS in the Tour de France as they put this newest Pinarello to the test.

Contact La Bicicletta Toronto to create a unique dream bike for you. #prettycoolbici #labiciclettatoronto